Welcome to Ride Bike Repair Center

RIDE Bicycle Service center was established in 2019 with the goal of being the best bike repair shop in the area.  Our objective is to provide our customers high quality workmanship with a friendly and inviting tone in a clean and upscale atmosphere.  Since we are the mechanics and the bike shop owners you will always know who is working on your bike and will have the confidence that maintenance and repairs are done right.  We specialize in Mountain Bike and Road Bike repair but we will work on anything. We’ll also educate you on proper maintenance and cleaning for your bicycle to keep it in the best and most efficient working condition.

RIDE specializes in servicing your bicycle; including bike assembly, wheel builds, fittings, tune ups and suspension set up. We also carry parts and accessories and a line of nutritional products.

We recognize the growing mountain biking community in the area as well as the established popularity of road bicycles and together we are experts in both.